Key Visual zur Ausstellung "Kuriose Kommunikation" im Museum für Kommunikation Nürnberg

Curious Communication. Unusual objects and stories from the collection

March 4 to June 22, 2022

The Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunication possesses one of the world‘s largest and richest collections on the subject of communication. For about 150 years, objects have been collected there that document the historical development of postal and telecommunication services as well as the multifaceted manifestations of communication in the present and the future. But time and again, the depots also contain curious objects that surprise us with their unusual use, have an unusual history or a special design. They tell of creativity and wit, sometimes also of need and want. They show the variety of things and ways that technicians, inventors and amateurs develop to convey messages.

In the exhibition, we have curated a selection of these objects and arranged them in six thematic areas. Exhibits from all collection locations, different epochs and contexts encounter each other.

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