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Explore communication and experiment with media

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Advice and booking If you have any questions about the museum’s programme of activities, just contact us! You can reach us by phone 0911 230 88-230 or just write an email to mkn.anmeldung*mspt.de.

What does “communication” really mean? How did people write letters in times gone by – and when was the newspaper invented? In our workshops for nursery and reception classes, our museum educators take the children on a journey to explore the museum with lots of hands-on activities!

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60 minutes · €30 ·

Ding Dong – The Mail’s Arrived!

Originally developed for the Clever Kids project by the Nürnberger Nachrichten newspaper, this activity is now open to all. A newspaper certainly has its place in a Museum for Communication – but how are newspapers produced? In this excursion into the past, we look at hand-written newsletters and discover why the postal service played such a vital role in the development of the press and news services. We take a stroll through history, writing and painting letters as in the past, and testing our own skills at delivering the news with the pneumatic post.

60 minutes · €30 ·

Listen Up!

A tour of the museum focused on hearing and speaking, with lots of ideas for activities. Our exciting journey of discovery takes us from the human eardrum via singing glasses to the membrane in a microphone, and from the telephone to the smartphone. We experiment with sound waves and discover that you can not only hear them, but also see and feel them. And how do the sounds get into the transmission cable? We try out talking from a distance using a piece of string and tin cans, or a funnel and a garden hose. Afterwards, we construct our own “hearing device”, learning in the process how to say that difficult word “communication”!

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