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Explore the world of communication together with us!

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Advice and booking If you have any questions about the museum’s programme of activities, just contact us! You can reach us by phone 0911 230 88-230 or just write an email to mkn.anmeldung*mspt.de.

Here, you can find details on the topics of our scheduled guided tours.

Please note that scheduled guided tours are held only in German. We are happy to arrange themed private group tours at the times you prefer. Please contact us!

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Every first Tuesday in month · 12.30pm · 30 minutes · Museum admission ·

Express Tours

On the first Tuesday of each month, the museum invites visitors to take a short 30-minute tour of the museum, starting at 12.30pm. Here, you can explore exhibits and stories (even in your lunch break!) and join us afterwards for a chat in the “TINTO – tapas y vino” restaurant.

Every last Sunday in the month · 2pm · Museum admission ·

What is communication? An overview of a multifaceted subject crucial to us all

The way we communicate messages and news has many different aspects – speaking and listening, seeing and showing, writing and reading, either directly or conveyed by diverse media. Discover the ways people have communicated since the earliest times – face-to-face or over ever larger distances and at ever greater speed around the globe. Trace these developments from the distant past right up to modern networks and the skills needed to email, twitter and post in today’s digital world. In this overview tour, these developments are illustrated by impressive objects, the stories they tell, and interactive stations where you can put your own skills to the test.

Every last Sunday in the month · 3.15pm · 30 minutes · Museum admission ·

Focus on Ancient Egypt: Explore a remarkable exhibit with us!

A team led by Egyptologist Wolfgang Wettengel has reconstructed the tomb of the Ancient Egyptian artisan Sennedjem in the museum. The original tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor. Richly decorated with images and hieroglyphs, Sennedjem’s tomb offers a remarkable insight into the ideas of life after death in Ancient Egypt. As a fascinating addition to our writing displays, the tomb and an original papyrus impressively illustrate how religious ideas were transmitted in Ancient Egypt.

Tours arranged with the DGPT

These tours, organised in cooperation with the German society for postal and telecommunications history (DGPT), are led by former telecommunications engineer Rainer Eck.

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