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In the Museum for Communication Nuremberg, visitors can learn (almost) everything about communication. Down the ages, people have communicated with sounds, images and writing, and our museum has a room dedicated to each of these three forms of communication. The fourth room “Netzwelten” (Online Worlds) explores communication in the Web 2.0 where there are seemingly no limits to the services, information and contacts available. In the modern internet, each of us can be both a passive viewer and actively generate content. In addition, Web 2.0 offers evermore means of communication, from the written and spoken word to images and digital media. The museum’s exhibits not only explore direct human communication, but also how we communicate using such technical media as the telephone.

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The permanent collection shows a wealth of fascinating historical objects. Audio stations, films, computers and other media invite visitors to find out more about humanity’s diverse approaches to communication. There are a series of hands-on exhibits throughout – including a telephone exchange, a TV studio, a pneumatic post system and much, much more!

Aside from the permanent collection, the museum regularly shows temporary exhibitions on particular aspects of communication. A programme of tours, workshops, talks and events offer additional insights for school classes, groups, families and individual visitors.We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our museum!


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