C O N T E N T - S I N G L E . P H P

28. OKTOBER 2020 til 25. APRIL 2021

A C F : G A L E R I E
A C F : I N F O B O X

Let us imagine digitalization and its impact on identity and society as a vast country: although some of the landmarks are familiar, there is a great deal more to discover.
However, the freedom of the digital world also poses challenges for us as individuals and for society as a whole. What concrete impact does digitalization have on our lives? In what areas is it causing a social shift?

Both online and offline, we are renegotiating the rules of communication. Knowledge and information can be accessed via unfamiliar paths and channels. New forms of relationships and friendships are developing. Digitality is increasingly blurring the boundaries between digital and analogue reality, while behavioural patterns from the internet shape our interaction. Our daily lives are becoming digitalized as a matter of course. This digital transformation is experienced in various ways. Regarded by some as a natural process of evolution, others view the shift as an almost violent revolution that is turning familiar values and norms upside down.

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