C O N T E N T - H O M E . P H P
Fuehrungen fuer Erwachsene Museum fuer Kommunikation Nuernberg

Explore the world of communication together with us! Here, you can find details on the topics of our scheduled guided tours.

For private group bookings, we will be happy to organise a customised time and tour. Just contact us directly!

C O N T E N T - H O M E . P H P
Kindergarten, Vorschule und Schulklassen im Museum fuer Kommununikation Nuernberg

What does “communication” actually mean? How did people write letters in times gone by – and when was the newspaper invented? In our workshops for nursery and reception classes, our museum educators take the children on a journey to explore the museum with lots of hands-on activities!

C O N T E N T - H O M E . P H P
Die historische Postkutsche des Museums für Kommunikation in der Fuerther Innenstadt.

Join the Museum for Communication Nuremberg for an outing into the countryside!