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A truly memorable experience on your special day!

A C F : G A L E R I E
A C F : I N F O B O X

Our exhibition is packed with fascinating stories, ideal for quizzes and games or to inspire your own ideas! With so much to see and do, this is sure to be a wonderful day out – and every birthday guest is given a special memento to take home with them.

Some of our themed birthday events can be customised for two or three hours, as you prefer. But whatever you choose, each birthday party includes a break to let the children enjoy the tasty birthday snacks you have provided. We supply cups and plates – and we see to the washing up afterwards!

Advice and booking If you have any questions about the museum’s programme of activities, just contact us! You can reach us by phone 0911 230 88-230 or just write an email to mkn.anmeldung*mspt.de.

A C F : dechents flexible Inhalte ANFANG

90 minutes · 4 – 7 years old · €60 ·

The Explorer Tour

On this special birthday event for younger children, we dress up in the style of bygone days and explore the museum with its many hand-on interactive exhibits. We look for voices, build a tower only using hand signs, fly pictures drawn with quills – and much, much more! For the grand finale, we try out blowing a post horn! As a memento of a wonderful day out, birthday boys and girls and all their guests receive a great Children’s Museum Pass.

120 minutes · 5 – 12 years old · €90 ·

Rattle, Bang, Crash. The Sounds Workshop

The museum is full of diverse sounds – from a conch shell trumpet to voices and smart phone ringtones. We take a look at a giant ear and how we make sounds before we set off for the activity area. There we build the most fantastic noise-makers for a festive birthday concert! The rhythm section comprises rattles and drums, while the melody is played by horns and voices – and, of course, you can take your self-made noise-makers with you and play them at home!

120 / 180 minutes · 5 – 12 years old · €90 / €120 ·

Birthdays in the Quill and Stamp Workshop

A birthday party packed with ideas on drawing and writing, stamps and seals! Here, you can find lots of quills, seals, stamps and crayons waiting for your ideas to join in and try out for yourselves! Afterwards, you take your own stamps and letters with a real seal home with you as a memento of a fun afternoon in the museum. And best of all – you can design your own rubber stamp! The youngest children work with sponge rubber, while older children cut their design out of eraser rubber.

120 / 180 minutes · 8 – 12 years old · €90 / €120 ·

Pictures? Hieroglyphics? The Egyptologist Workshop

A real feast for anyone keen on travelling back in time to Ancient Egypt! We visit our replica of an Ancient Egyptian tomb covered entirely with painted images and hieroglyphs. After deciphering the signs and learning about the artisan Sennedjem and his world, we also take a good look at an original papyrus. In the activity room, brushes, ink, binding agent and real papyrus are waiting for us to create our own unique memento of a special birthday outing!

120 minutes · 8 – 12 years old · €90 ·

Pssst... This Way to the Secret Workshop!

Little detectives to the fore! In our top-secret activity area, we decipher codes of mysterious signs and compose our own messages using odd scripts and letters only the initiated can read! And, of course, we discuss the best recipes for invisible ink. After two hours, the birthday party star and guests can read these mysterious messages easily – although they remain a riddle for anyone else. And at the end of this top-secret briefing, everyone is given their own little book to take away as a memento – for your eyes only!

180 minutes · 10 – 14 years old · €120 ·

Wow! Holidays in the Virtual Reality Workshop

Have you ever seen anything like this before? Put on your headset and immerse yourself in a very different world where you can take a roller-coaster ride or a stroll through strange and unfamiliar cities. Here, you learn about how we see – and then construct a headset yourself to deceive our eyes. All it takes is a little bit of skill and one of the museum’s smart phones – and then you are ready to take a tour in fascinating app worlds. And back home in the real world, your parents are sure to have a device compatible with the apps!

180 minutes · 10 – 14 years old · €120 ·

Di-dah-di-dit: The Morse Code Workshop

A birthday party for young scientists and secret code fans! Meet Samuel Morse, whose invention was a major factor in accelerating communication. His breakthrough was a two-tone code signal – a short “di” and a long “dah” – immortalised in the SOS call – di-di-di dah-dah-dah di-di-di. But how about “happy birthday” in Morse code? With just a battery, a small light bulb and a bit of wire, you can make a Morse code device and try it out– and not only does the device work properly, but you can also take it home with you!

A C F : dechents flexible Inhalte ENDE