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Welcome to the world of communication

A C F : G A L E R I E
A C F : I N F O B O X

How do we learn to speak? How do images get into the TV? How many Chinese characters does a Chinese secretary have to know? How does the internet change the way we communicate? You can find the answers to these and many other questions in our museum, which was totally redesigned in 2010.

Our focus is on human communication from the new-born’s first cry to the internet. Humans communicate through sounds, images and (written) signs: we speak and listen, show and look, and read and write. Thanks to digitalisation, all types of messages today can be transferred into a unified code and presented in one single medium – the internet.

A film collage in the museum foyer sets the mood for the topic of communication. A pinhole camera, a listening station and a ‘writing’ stone provide a fun introduction to the museum’s different sections.

A C F : dechents flexible Inhalte ANFANG
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